Motorola Xtreme: Is Verizon launching new Android Phone?

It looks like Verizon is launching a brand new smartphone called the Motorola Xtreme; Verizon is apparently testing this Android-powered handset according to Engadget.

The Motorola Xtreme is the name but sadly we do not have any specifications or any other details for you at the moment, wonder if this new Android smartphone will be better than the Verizon Devour or the Droid?

As soon as we find out or indeed Engadget finds out anything about this new device we will let you know. Verizon is releasing so many phones this year and it makes us wonder if they really need the Apple iPhone for now.

All we know about this new smartphone is that it will be a high-end model with awesome specs; with a name like Xtreme it sure should be something special. Have to wait and see, please keep coming back for updates.

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