Apple Rejects Wi-Fi Sync App for iPhone

Another useful application for iPhone bites the dust at the App Store today as engadget reports that the Wi-Fi Sync app submitted by Greg Hughes, the same app we posted a video of previously which can be viewed (here), has been rejected by Apple

The application would have been very useful as it enabled the user to wirelessly sync their iPhone or iPod Touch with iTunes without requiring a USB tether.

However as we have previously learnt via Palm, when it comes to messing with Apple over syncing tech, Apple doesn’t like it. Apparently though the app didn’t technically break any of Apple’s rules but apparently encroached on the boundaries of what Apple can allow in the App Store and also there were some security issues of some description.

However all is not lost if you own a jailbroken iPhone as according to the article Wi-Fi Sync is now destined for Cydia and will command a price tag of $9.99, so if you fancy some untethered iPhone syncing Cydia is the place to look.


One thought on “Apple Rejects Wi-Fi Sync App for iPhone”

  1. Steve says:

    BUYER BEWARE – Do NOT expect ANY support from Greg Hughes if you encounter any problems with his Wi-Fi Sync software. I purchased the Windows version of Greg’s Wi-Fi Sync software and attempted to install on several PC’s with the same results “application failed to start”. I submitted a friendly trouble ticket on Greg’s support site over a month ago and Greg has made NO attempt to respond. A second trouble ticket also went unanswered as did a request for a refund. PayPal will only assist if the software was purchased via EBay, not Cydia. Jay Freeman of Cydia also didn’t respond to my email requesting assistance. BUYER BEWARE!

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