Hot Apple Stocks: Has iPhone 4G Gizmodo Caused Fluttering?

We all want to know about Apple stocks and we definitely want to learn more about iPhone 4G and any news surrounding it, but put the Gizmodo leak and Apple stocks together and we can see something really interesting.

There have been many leaks on the iPhone 4G and Gizmodo was right at the top of the list when they revealed the iPhone 4G / HD prototype, well we want to know if the news has hurt Apple stocks.

According to Daily Metro News Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) stocks and news has caused the price to flutter a little, they say stocks went from below 250 to the heights of 265, stocks closed Friday at 253.82. How much will this change over the next few days is a question we would like answered.

Apple has been the brunt of many news stories, from iPhone 4G leaks, Adobe Flash support on its products and of course HTML5 and not forgetting the iPad UK delay. Apple stocks has risen but can it continue the same path if they keep getting bad press?

Can stocks continue to climb? Please do post all your comments below and let us know what your thoughts are.

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