Review Motorola Milestone: Consumer Reviews and Problems

The Motorola Milestone was announced as the Droid in the U.S and was launched by Verizon Wireless, well now many of you have this smartphone and we would love for you to send in your personal reviews.

Does the Milestone Android smartphone live up to expectations or is it just another phone that was hyped up a little, some users have said that this handset is very responsive and that the display gives great quality, but then some have complained that the battery life is poor and the camera is poor when taking pictures indoors, a few Milestone owners also say that the keypad is not that good at all.

If you own the Motorola Milestone please come forward and send us your personal reviews and of course let us know of any problems you have been faced with.

We would also like for you to let us know of any accessories you have bought for this smartphone and if you recommend them. Please use the comments area below and submit your reviews and problems. Your too kind, thanks


3 thoughts on “Review Motorola Milestone: Consumer Reviews and Problems”

  1. fuzzuy says:

    I own this phone for a month now love it every thing is fine except the camera, keyboard is kind a useless I guess who ever designed the keypad must be left handed as I always find diificult to adjust my self usin pad on the right hand side.

    I had N97 before and trade in with this one no regret there but yes i miss picture quality of the camera and the good keyboard there rest is fine happy with it.

  2. Gkaur says:

    I am totally pissed off with motorola XT720. I had purchased Motorola XT720 1 week back and it did not charge. Then a new set was replaced. AND NOW this phone is not clicking pics. Can anyone tell me, are there any satisfied Motorola XT720 customers.

  3. Jsmidd says:

    My motorola was replaced 3 times for issues with charging/not turning on/overheating! I was so unhappy with mine yet my husband had one that worked fine.  As of today his is overheating and not holding a charge!  This phone seems to work well at first but after 6 months….done!

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