WiMAX Mobile Phone Being Tested by Taiwan Operators

According to an article over on digitimes, industry sources are saying that Taiwan operators are testing a WiMAX mobile phone which has been produced by Comsys Mobile of Israel and supports GSM. WiFi and WiMAX.

Apparently the WiMAX handset has been scheduled for launch in Q4 of 2010 and will command a low price of $100 US, and word has it that Comsys’ has received orders for in excess of 200,000 handsets worldwide.

The big thing with this new mobile phone is of course the price as most of the WiMAX handsets unveiled by HTC and MediaTek for Taiwan have a price tag of roughly $600 US.

According to “sources” the first WiMAX touting mobile phone is expected to hit the market sometime in the third quarter of the year, the first WiMAX handset in the US of course being the Sprint HTC EVO 4G which is now backed by Google. More as and when we hear.

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