BlackBerry Pearl 3G, T-Mobile Says No Thanks?

Well now the latest rumour floating the net waves is that T-Mobile is passing on offering the latest Pearl from the Research In Motion stable, the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and thus will not be adding the handset to their portfilio.

The rumour of T-Mobile passing on the BlackBerry Pearl 3G originates from Luis Merlos over at berryview and states that rather than offer the BlackBerry Pearl 3G T-Mobile is opting to offer a 3G version of the BlackBerry 85xx or possibly the BlackBerry 93xx.

Of course that’s the speculation but just why T-Mobile would opt to forgo the BlackBerry Pearl 3G in favour of a possible BlackBerry Curve 3G is somewhat hard to believe as both the Curve and Pearl have got along side by side in the past.

So maybe it’s a treat this with a pinch of salt time until such times as the words comes direct for the horses mouth, that being T-Mobile, but if true will you be disappointed if T-Mobile doesn’t offer the BlackBerry Pearl 3G?

Found via phone dog

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