Android Overtakes Microsoft and beats iPhone According to Gartner

Android is being quite the success for Google with Android grabbing 4th pace in the first quarter in quantity of handsets sold that feature the Android platform, and apparently overtook Microsoft’s Windows Mobile according to Gartner.

Tarmo Vieki of Reuters posted an article which says that Google’s Android was in 10% of smartphones sold during the quarter lags behind Nokia’s Symbian, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iconic iPhone.

However, the report did say that Android beat Apple in North America and would likely catch the iPhone on a global scale soon. Research vice president for Gartner, Caroline Milanesi said, “You have one vendor with one model and eight to nine vendors with many models — of course you get bigger volumes.”

With the exception of Nokia, all top phone vendors have either launched or are going to launch a smartphone that sports the Android platform, and Gartner stated that the growth of Android helped smartphone sales rise 49% in the January to March quarter with the global mobile phone market growing 17% year on year in the quarter.


2 thoughts on “Android Overtakes Microsoft and beats iPhone According to Gartner”

  1. Accumetrics says:

    Once again your a repeating the same crap that everyone is saing but leaving out one very important fact. How many smartphones are running on the Android system? I am quite sure there is at least 5 of them. How many phones are offered from Apple? Just the iphone. How are you going to compare the combine sales of several different variety of phones to just one, and then say that they have out sold the other? You need to compare each of these phones on the Android system against sales of the iphone, and I am quite sure that phone running on the Android system cannot come close to the sales of the iphone.

  2. justasvalid says:

    @Accumetrics: the point is to compare adoption of the platform, not necessarily the individual handset. This is as valid a metric as anything else.

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