HTC HD2 Update from T-Mobile Dumps Purchased Games

If you own a HTC HD2 smartphone you may want to take a gander at T-Mobile before you grab their latest software update which features “stability and performance improvements,” because it not only gives a few things but takes some away as well.

According to T-Mobile forums, installing the new upgrade will wipe out the bundled game demos that came with the HTC HD2, which isn’t too bad but if you happened to purchase full versions of the games they will be wiped from the device as well.

Basically this means that if you purchased the full versions of Ferrari GT Evolution, Millionaire 2010, and Prince of Persia, you will have to re-purchase them after installing the update at the standard cost, which is a bit of a cheek.

Only those games are affected and any other games you have purchased and saved to the microSD card will still be available. The reason for this is the software update initialises a master reset of your HTC HD2 and thus all personal settings will also need to be set up again.

Found via Engadget Mobile.

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