Improve SAT Scores with Adapster Math Full Version iPhone App

Adapster SAT Math is an iPhone app unlike any other SAT app on the market, this one is very good indeed and will only cost $9.99, it used to be $11.99.

This will help you immensely with ability to get better at answering over 1000 questions for the math section of the SAT Reasoning Test, this application is great because it can be tailored for each individual student and based on each persons performance Adapster learns or should we say adapts to your personal ability.

Main features include (via App Shopper) Numbers and Operations, Algebra and Functions, Probability, Statistics, and Data Interpretation and Geometry. The main highlights in why you should choose this app are Over 150 math lessons and strategies to help you strengthen weaker areas and learn key techniques for improving your score, Enables you to make unlimited mixed reviews from 33 topic areas, Adaptive Tests automatically quiz you in areas that typically give you difficulty, Over 1000 practice questions including “grid-in” and multiple choice, Provides detailed reports, enabling you to track your progress and review your errors and includes unique “hints” for every question, designed to sharpen your problem-solving instincts and abilities.

If you wish to download this new app please visit iTunes, you will need Wi-Fi connection to install. Just so you know it recently had an update that now includes: Updated Questions, Timed Sections, Diagnostic Test and Score Report and Adaptive Tests.

If you already have Adapster app installed on your iPhone we would love for you to send in your personal reviews and opinions. Thanks


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  1. jcb1994 says:

    I have this app and it is awesome! I've been using it since February and I took my SATs in May. My math score jumped 120 points. You can also try Adapster Flex for free, but the paid app is well worth it.

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