iPod and Mobile Phone Mugging: Ninjas To The Rescue

If you are going to get mugged for your iPod, mobile phone and wallet it’s fairly handy to have a group of ninjas nearby to come to your rescue. Not the sort of thing you hear everyday, but apparently this did happen.

According to an article by Nick Ralston over on The Sydney Morning Herald, found by the guys over at Gizmodo, three thugs demanded a German medical student hand over his wallet, when the student refused the thugs followed him off the train they were on.

The student made a turn down a dimly lit alley where the thugs took the opportunity to strike, tripping the student and kicking him once he was on the ground and taking the student’s iPod and mobile phone, but unlucky for them they didn’t realise that had attacked the guy right outside a ninja warrior school.

The thugs also didn’t realise one of the ninja students was lurking in the shadows of the dojo; the ninja alerted his teacher, sensei Kaylan Soto with another 3 ninjas all rushed to the rescue wearing traditional black ninja garb.

On seeing the ninja silhouettes rushing towards them the muggers probably made their best move of the day by very quickly running away, the ninjas pursued but the thugs made a clean getaway although police have subsequently made an arrest.

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