Windows Phone 7 no multitasking but multithreading

The very next taste we will get from Microsoft’s mobile operating system will be as we all know Windows Phone 7, we are all aware of the reports surrounding the lack of one of the most appealing features which of course is multi tasking.

According to a report by Ionut Arghire over at softpedia.com we have details in relation to multi threading. Windows Phone 7 will not be offering multi tasking for third party applications however, software solutions have the ability to possibly get background processing time when the system isn’t overloaded.

The intention or idea behind this is that Windows Phone applications can be multi threaded, and the main thread of the software solution being the user interface thread. Other threads called upon by the application wont be able to communicate with the user interface known as either worker threads or background threads.

The thread in the foreground is then suspended which allows the worker or background thread to be able to run. The worker or background threads can call base in library methods i.e querying the file, even when the application is suspended.

Although true multi tasking doesn’t exist on the Windows Phone those applications can borrow some background processing time providing of course that the system is not overloaded.

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