BT signs up Tyntec for SMS hub servers

BT have signed up Tyntec in order to be able to provide SMS hub servers for network operators who are just that little not bothered about signing distribution deals with one another.

The report comes from Bill Ray at theregister.co.uk We know that currently BT currently already provides signalling services and also carries the voice traffic for both fixed and also mobile operators all around the world but now there is change.

The company have now included SMS hubbing to their range strongly believing that SMS has at least another decade or more to go. The technology behind this is coming from UK based Tyntec who already count Skype and 02 as their valued customers.

The intention of the service is to allow an operator to sign up to the service and then hand over their roaming and also their roamed to SMS messages for delivery without the need of the singing of any contract agreements with those network operators around the world.

It did come as a bit of a surprise to learn that BT Global Services didn’t already have such a thing in place as the international standard for SMS hubbing was actually agreed back in 2006, and most would agree that it would appear to be an essential service.

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