Microsoft Makes Staff Changes to Windows Phone and Xbox Divisions

Just goes to show that in this day and age no ones job is too secure, even software giant Microsoft is tipped to be making some staff changes across their Entertainment & Devices division which includes Xbox and Windows Phone.

According to the article over on the WSJ by Nick Wingfield, “people familiar with the matter” say that the chief experience officer and chief technology officer, J Allard is expected to leave Microsoft after the closure of the development project known as Courier.

According to an article on the Register, the division includes Windows Mobile, Xbox and Zune made $1.67 billion last year however revenue from Windows Mobile is in “terminal decline,” which basically means it’s the Xbox that brings in the cash.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is coming late to the mobile space and Microsoft has been seen as lacklustre in their approach to delivering a credible alternative to the iPad, something Microsoft Courier may have provided but didn’t make it to the production stage and probably the reason for J Allard’s leaving, although it isn’t too clear just what a replacement can do as they would need to come up with something quite remarkable.

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