US Wireless Industry Lacks Competition Claims FCC

It appears there is not enough competition in the United States wireless arena according to a recent report by the Federal Communications Commission and suggests that the major carriers could come under federal scrutiny.

According to an article by Choung Nguyen of Pocket Now by way of Apple Insider, the FCC has stated that the wireless industry lacking in “effective competition,” which could be harmful to consumers.

By the major carriers it is presumed the likes of Verizon Wireless and iPhone carrier AT&T who have recently announced the upping of their early termination fee which we reported about (here)

Although the FCC reports that competition is lacking in the US wireless industry there was no action cited and Julius Genachowski the FCC Chairman has said they may look into some actions which will spur competition or perhaps just let the market take its course.

The report stated…”The lack of the key phrase could set the stage for U.S. regulators to impose policies and regulations to increase competition for consumers who are demanding more data plans on their mobile handsets to surf the Internet and watch videos.”

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