LB4400 Music Phone Unveiled by LG and iriver

In a joint venture smartphone maker LG has teamed with iriver to unveil the LG LB4400 music phone in South Korea. You’ve probably heard of LG but may not have heard of iriver who supplies an excellent range of media players which never make it to western shores.

Spec wise the new LG LB4400, which is being touted as the LG iriver phone according to electricpig by way of akihabaranews, sports a 2.8 inch WVGA OLED touch screen, 3 megapixel camera along with Dolby Surround Mobile.

However, the biggest pull with the LG LB4400 is that it utilises iriver’s DAP for music playback included expansive format support for songs such as WMA, MP3, WAV, OGGA, ACC, APE and lossless FLAC.

There are no other details available at the moment on the LG LB4400 music phone, so we can’t say how much it will cost or just where in the world people will see the handset


2 thoughts on “LB4400 Music Phone Unveiled by LG and iriver”

  1. ViBeK says:

    Hello! i just got this phone. I am in Jeju South Korea. Actually , it's free along with the subscription. All you have to to is you have to pay 12000 Won ( 10.2 US$) per months as subscription if you have a Korean ID card. If you are a Foreign Student you need to have a bank account opened with regard to the Alien student Registration cared ( e.g in NongHyup Bank ) so that you can easily purchase it for nothing initial price. Just 12000 WON per months as subscription . it comes with 3 month internet free at first and had brilliant 3.00 MP camber. Music is nice as compared to the i phone…Nice looking phone.. the video is Gre8t! just love it!

  2. Amaya284 says:

    Hey i just got this phone and i have no idea how to get the music on there. I have an old Mac laptop and it won't pick up the bluetooth on the phone…what do i do?

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