3 Users Die with Same Cursed Mobile Number in 10 Years

Coincidence or curse you decide, but apparently the mobile phone number 0888 888 888 at least appears to be a cursed number as three people who were assigned the number in the last ten years have died.

According to a Rosa Golijan article over on Gizmodo, the Telegraph reports that the first owner of phone number 0888 888 888, Vladimir Grashnov died from cancer in 2001 aged 41 which was possibly contracted due to radioactive poisoning and was the CEO of the mobile company who first issued the cursed number.

Next to own the number of death was drug smuggling baron, Konstantin Dimitrov who was assassinated in the Netherlands in 2003 aged 31 while on a date.

The last owner of 0888 888 888 was Konstantin Dishliey, and estate agent who ran a cocaine trafficking operation and was gunned down at a restaurant in Sofia Bulgaria in 2005.

The cursed 0888 888 888 mobile number has been dormant since the death of Dishliey while cops maintained their investigation but apparently the phone number has now been suspended indefinitely.

So what do you think; cursed mobile phone number or simply coincidence that these three crooks all owned the same number at their time of death? Spooky isn’t it?


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