Eurovision Song Contest 2010 App for Nokia Phones

In a couple of days time the Eurovision Song Contest starts up doing the usual to find the best song in Europe although personally I feel that over the years the Eurovision Song Contests has become littered with bias.

However, if you are a Eurovision Song Contest aficionado and also own a Nokia mobile phone, according to Stephen E over at NokNok, there is now a Eurovision Song Contest app available on Nokia’s Ovi Store.

The Nokia application is called People’s Panel and is free to download from the Ovi Store, and lets the user take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, well it lets users judge the best and the worst performances of the night, and see the live global ratings to see which performer garners high ratings or gets hit with that nil point.

Apparently the ratings are only for fun but could give you an idea as to just which song may turn out to be the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010

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