Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset Review and Problems

Have you got the Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset? Well if you do have one of these headsets we are calling out to you for your personal review and opinion about this device.

You have probably had this headset for a while now and this will have given you more than enough time to let all our readers know if it is a good product or a bad one, we would love for you to send in your review and of course any problems you have encountered so far.

What We Know So Far: The Jabra Extreme has many features that includes advanced noise-cancellation technology, Acoustic Shock Protection and automatic volume control, when the product was released it was said that it is very comfortable to wear and has multipoint technology and A2DP compatibility.

Many reviewers have already said their piece such as Cnet saying on the good side it has a dedicated power switch and that the call quality is excellent, but on the bad side they say that the volume controls are too small and is not very comfortable to wear in the ear. Cnet’s overall impressions state that it has an affordable price tag and has excellent noise-cancellation.

Just so you know you can now buy the Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset for only $54.99 via Amazon, so please if you do own this product send in your personal review and problems if any, you are the real reviewer.


4 thoughts on “Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset Review and Problems”

  1. Got my Jabra extreme yesterday. Paired immediately with my mobile phone but every time I switch it on, it’s playing music. I have to go to the radio on my phone and switch it off. It comes on again after every call and on start up. Annoying!

  2. Lisa A Bradley says:

    People I talk to say I often sound like I’m underwater. It will also connect and disconnect from my phone at anytime causing me to go from the Iphone to the bluetooth and back. This also happens quite a lot!

  3. Abear says:

    I am having issue with the middle button to make and answer calls. I can no longer feel the click and having problems answering incoming calls when I push it.  Also cannot feel slight click that I used to have.

  4. James says:

    P.O.S I’ve had 3 in a month the people are clear but they say popping and cracking and they can’t understand me. Also the darn thing will not stay connected to my I phone this is the jabra extreme if you buy one make sure you buy the warranty.

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