World Cup 2010 Fixtures App for Windows Phones Demo Video

For all you soccer fans out there, the World Cup 2010 is almost upon us and today we have a video demonstration of a Windows mobile phone application called World Cup 2010 Fixtures for your viewing pleasure.

According to Surur of wmpoweruser, the World Cup 2010 Fixtures app displays on screen, the standings of teams in each group and the following steps until the World Cup 2010 concludes. The app also shows pictures and details of each football stadium in the event along with a countdown to the start of the World Cup 2010.

World Cup 2010 Fixtures features the positions of the 32 teams in each group, the 64 World Cup matches in South Africa, follow your favourite team, no connection required, and translates into 12 languages, English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian and Slovak

The World Cup 2010 Fixtures app video can be viewed below and lasts almost three minutes and the application is available from sitsoft.com commanding a price tag of $2.99…enjoy.

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