Greek Prime Ministers Phone Gets Mistakenly Cut Off

It just goes to show that even telecommunication companies are prone to make the odd drastic mistake when it comes to disconnecting customers that haven’t managed to pay their bill. However one wouldn’t expect such a mistake to be made with a Prime Minister’s residence.

However, such a mistake has happened in Greece according to an article over on The Telegraph. Apparently Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s home phone number was the same albeit a single digit, as an OTE customer who had fallen behind with payments and thus the mistake occurred.

The Greek state owns 20% of OTE and the chairman of the telecommunications company penned a letter explaining the mistake to Papandreou, and engineers were dispatched immediately to resolve the issue as soon as they were made aware.

Greece is currently suffering their worst financial crisis and many of the populace are struggling with dept and paying their bills due to the government raising taxes and cutting wages as it tries to pay off Greece’s huge financial dept. Well as they say…mistakes do happen, and anyone can make a mistake, I bet that chairman was red faced though.

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