HTC EVO 4G Has Three Purchase Prices with Manufacturer

In a few days time you will be able to purchase the first smartphone to surf a 4G WiMAX network, the HTC EVO 4G, but if you don’t want to be bogged down with signing a contract you can opt to go direct to HTC for your purchase.

According to an article by Alex Wagner of Phone Dog by way of Good and EVO, HTC doesn’t seem to be bothered about a contract as long as you purchase the handset unlike Sprint and Radio Shack.

So to this end HTC is making it easy to gain the HTC EVO 4G without the need to sign a 2 year agreement with an off contract price of $549.99 although you’ll need to remember that HTC aren’t actually shipping the HTC EVO 4G until June 4th which isn’t too far away.

HTC is also offering the 4G device on a new contract for a price tag of $199.99, or if you have an existing contract and upgrading with a contract extension it will cost you $299.99, on the upside though all three options come with free shipping.


One thought on “HTC EVO 4G Has Three Purchase Prices with Manufacturer”

  1. WhoDat says:

    I am confused by the $299.99 price. Does this price factor in the $75 upgrade discount for those of us whose initial 2 year contract has not yet expired thus making us ineligible for the $199.99 price? To sum it up, the price for an individual with an existing contract would have to pay $299.99 – $75 = $ 224.99?

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