iPhone 4G Might Be iPhone 4GS According to Accessories

Every since the next generation iPhone made the news most have referred to the upcoming device as the iPhone 4G with some mentioning iPhone HD and even iPhone 4G HD and at one time it was just the iPhone 2010, but there may be a little insight as to what Apple might name the next generation smartphone.

According to an article over on Devicemag, by Atul Roach, a not unknown iPhone accessory maker, Ideal-Case is advertising their next generation iPhone cases under the title of “iPhone 4GS” case.

Now two things may be possible here, either Ideal-Case is taking a big gamble on what the next generation iPhone will be called by Apple and are trying to grab some early fame, or they have managed to gain some insider info.

iPhone 4GS does sound quite plausible, retaining the ‘S’ for speed while being the 4th Generation of the smartphone. Furthermore, these iPhone 4GS cases are already available for purchase. So what do you thing, a big gamble of do they have insider info?

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