Nokia Unveils Mobile Phone Bike Charger Accessory

Well maybe you do not always need to charge your mobile phone when at home, maybe you charge your device when in the car, but what if you are a cyclist and suddenly find your mobile handset has run out of charge?

Well it appears Nokia has solved that little problem as according to Sam Kieldsen over at Electric Pig, Nokia has now unveiled the Nokia Bicycle Charger that actually charges your mobile phone battery via the movement of the bikes wheels.

The Nokia Bicycle Charger kit features a dynamo and charger that uses a standard 2mm jack and once installed on your bike your pedal power will charge your handset making it an eco-friendly was to top up your device.

Word has it the Nokia Bicycle Charger will become available at the Nokia online store and select retailers somewhere near the end of the year; however there is currently no word on what the cycling kit may cost you.

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