HTC EVO 4G 8GB MicroSD Card Having Issues

Well folks, those of you who got up early to grab the HTC EVO 4G smartphone on Sprint may just like to take the 8GB microSD card which comes with the device and throw it and replace with a 32GB card as there seems to be some storage issues.

According to an article over on Engadget by Tim Stevens, some members over on Android Forums are reporting problems with storage on the HTC EVO 4G when it comes to those 8GB cards.

Apparently some are reporting errors stating “insufficient file permissions”, while others are reporting the device doesn’t read the card whatsoever. However according to Keith Nowak, an HTC spokesperson they have identified the problem and will issue an over the air fix “shortly.”

And low and behold shortly after saying the OTA fix would come shortly apparently it already has, and is version 1.32.651.6, and features several fixes including one for the storage bug.

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