Verizon iPhone possible hint as 2 for 1 Droid sale is pushed

Verizon are currently pushing their Droid sales by offering an amazing offer on their Droid phone a two for one sale is on now.

A recent article over at beatweek.com gives more information. The Droid is now on offer which despite claims to the contrary by Android platform enthusiasts everywhere was only brought to the market because Verizon couldn’t grab hold of the iPhone.

The latest data shows that the Android platform is getting hammered three to one by the iPhone in terms of market share. Some say that this could suggest that Verizon are quite simply attempting to boost the user base of a middle performer although the timing is somewhat interesting.

With high flying rumours surrounding major iPhone announcements which are to come this week there are no indications that the iPhone is set to become available to Verizon customers in the near future. The question being asked though is why would Verizon be keen to rid itself of its existing Droid inventory? Perhaps the sudden urge to practically be giving away the Droid could suggest that something more may come out Monday after all.

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