Foxconn Workers Offered 66 Percent Rise

Well finally it looks like something is being done to make Foxconn worker’s lives a little better. As reported previously, Foxconn was looking into handing their employees a wage rise in the hopes it would stem the spate of suicides.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford by way of a Reuters report, Foxconn first offered a 20% wage rise, then upped it to 30% and has now apparently upped the offer yet again to 66%.

No doubt a 66% rise in wages would go some way to making the iPhone Makers employees lives a bit more bearable, and hopefully put a final halt to all the deaths, but it’s not just the cash that needs to be looked at but working conditions and working hours as well.

However, apparently the 66% does come with a catch as employees have to pass a 3 month performance review, and if they are successful could potentially see 2000 yuan per month as opposed to 900 yuan, which is $292 rather than $132.

Whether the wage increase will finally put an end to the suicide attempts remains to be seen, but personally I think it is more than just the money.

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