iPhone 4 Sam Mendes Video Calling Ad and Promo Videos

We have a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure today all to do with the mobile handset of the moment, the iPhone 4 of course as we know you are simply dying to know everything there is to know about the next generation device.

Well we don’t like to disappoint, so these videos come courtesy of Nilay Patel over at Engadget, whit the first video being the Sam Mendes video calling advert which lasts nearly two minutes, and then we have a couple of iPhone 4 promo videos the first one lasting just over six minutes and the last is Retina Display which lasts just over a minutes.

I could go on to describe what each of the videos shows, but then that would only defeat the object and no doubt spoil your watch them, so I won’t.

So if you want you touch of iPhone 4 video goodness to keep you smiling for a few minutes I suggest you head don down and mash the play buttons, sit back and enjoy.

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