The $50k Android Ulysse Nardin Chairman Hands-on Video

Now most Android fans will fork out a bit of their hard earned cash to get an Android smartphone that they like whether it costs them $100 or even $300 on contract, but most will go for the cheaper option as these days money is fairly tight for people.

However, if you aren’t strapped for cash and fancy a touch of luxury with your Android there is always the Ulysse Nardin Chairman handset, which even though is still in beta will eventually run Android 2.1 and can be yours for a pitiful $50,000.

So if you are one who is in the market for owning a bit of over the top Android luxury to show off to your friends, I’m not by the way, we have a video hands-on for your video pleasure courtesy of John Briggs over at Crunchgear.

Obviously for the rich and famous, the lady in the video says that the Ulysse Nardin Chairman (status symbol apparently) is for those who can bring their Ferrari to the club and need something equally ostentatious. To be honest spec wise there’s nothing really to write home about with this handset, and you can get better in other Android phones.

Still, that’s my own opinion and as I won’t be handing of $50,000 for it, it doesn’t matter, but you can check out the hands on video below and see what you think…enjoy.