BlackBerry Pearl 3G Unboxed on Video and Impressions

We have a traditional unboxing of the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone for your viewing pleasure today along with some first impressions of the device from the reviewer, and the video can as always be viewed below.

The BlackBerry Pearl 3G unboxing video lasts nearly seven and a half minutes and comes to us courtesy of Kevin Michaluk over at Crackberry.

As for those first impressions, Kevin says the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is really small and lightweight, and speed wise is acts like a shrunken down BlackBerry Bold 9700, the device is snappy and the WiFi is quick, and the SureType isn’t bad, but overall Kevin believes that the BlackBerry Pearl 3G is an awesome update to the original BlackBerry Pearl 81xx series.

There’s a more lengthy first impressions if you want to read it over on their website, but we do have that BlackBerry Pearl 3G video for you to watch below, so head on down and check it out…enjoy.

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