iPhone 4 Accessories from iLuv

Although you can’t actually get your mitts on the new iPhone 4 handset just yet, (I can already hear the sobs and cries of ardent impatient iPhone fans) you can however prepare for that glorious day by getting a few iPhone 4 accessories.

To alleviate your iPhone 4 waiting pains, the people of iLuv have a few iPhone 4 accessories such as screen protectors, iPhone 4 protective cases, screen cleaners and the like.

The iLuv screen protectors range in price from $14.99 for a clear or mirrored screen protector right up to $49.99 for a two-way privacy screen protector. While iPhone 4 protective cases rage from $19.99 up to $34.99 for their FUSION dual layer case with stand.

So if after yesterday you are feeling some iPhone 4 withdrawal symptoms, and feel like at least having something iPhone 4 in your hands before you get your much loved next generation iPhone then hit up the iLuv website for more.

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