iPhone 4 At Best Buy and RadioShack as of Launch Day

So where to grab hold of your shiny new, mouth-watering iPhone 4 once it becomes available? Well apparently all you need to do is take a walk down to your local Best Buy or RadioShack store.

According to Ross Miller over on Engadget, “trusted sources” have said that the sparkling new iPhone 4 will be with Best Buy at launch and will apparently have 30 32GB iPhone 4 and 15 16GB iPhone 4 units at each store, not too sure that will be enough though.

Apparently employee purchases of the iPhone 4 has been banned so at least what inventory they do have will be available to the public, although nothing has been confirmed but apparently the source has been pretty reliable in the past.

Other word is that not only with the iPhone 4 be available on launch day with best Buy but also RadioShack, although there’s been no word on just how many they will have in stock.

However with only 45 iPhone 4 handsets at Best Buy stores it looks like there will again be vast crowds lining up in the usual iPhone grab fest that surrounds the Apple device release.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4 At Best Buy and RadioShack as of Launch Day”

  1. Loljob says:

    Hope they have a little more insight than that. I'm sure more than 45 people will be in line for the iPhone at each Best Buy. Also, wouldn't they assume the 16GB will be in higher demand? 16GB more is no trivial amount, but I don't see anyone paying $100 for a 16GB thumbdrive – or even half that since its a lot less convenient to carry around.

  2. So GULLABLE says:

    You would believe anything wont you? So Apple is going to send 45 units to each Bestbuy store? Wow, you guys have really reached a new level in gulability.
    I guess Bestbuy is a mom and pop store, so Apple would only send them 45 units for each store.
    Do me a favor, think before you start spreading ridiculos rumors and trying to convince other by stating from a "TRUSTED SOURCE".

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