iPhone 4 features you’ll use every day or will you?

Some things on the new iPhone 4 looks pretty impressive to say the least but just how much of it will you be using on a regular basis. Apple‘s new FaceTime video calling is great but probably not something that will be used on a daily basis.

A recent article by Marie Boran over at siliconrepublic.com gives some other features which could make the iPhone 4 well worth purchasing. To start with we have the HD video recording feature great as iPhone users can now toss any surplus digital cameras away as they can make the most of the HD 5 megapixel x 5 digital zoom digital video camera.

Most wanted it, Multitasking that is, and now it finally comes to the iPhone, others had got there first but Apple users generally were happy to wait. Access to other applications running in the background is through a simple double click of the home button.

We know that the iPhone had an accelerometer but now it has Gyroscope greater in terms of applications and games which can be developed for the iPhone, and it also will have more sensitivity than ever. The iPhone 4 is the first phone with a built in three axis gyroscope and now has user acceleration which was demonstrated by Steve Jobs.

The battery, boring or not? But for those of you familiar with the iPhone 3GS you’ll probably be aware of how quickly the battery drains so now there is a thinner although larger lithium ion battery which apparently will give 300 hours standby and 40 hours of music playback.

Not forgetting the folders, said to transform your iPhone usage and also how long it will take to travel through your applications as and when you want to get to one. You can create up to 180 folders and have 12 applications sitting in each folder so that’s a lot of applications you can easily store on your iPhone. Will these features encourage you to make the purchase? Feel free to share your comments with us.

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