iPhone 4 Gets Spoofed With Glee Actress: Video

Well it sure didn’t take long to get a spoof iPhone 4 video up on the net, and even featuring Glee actress Jane Lynch, no less, and of course we have that spoof iPhone 4 video for your viewing pleasure below.

The iPhone 4 spoof video comes to us courtesy of Will Park over at Intomobile and has been created by Take180.com, and lasts just over two minutes of iPhone 4 spoofing, although there is a bit of profanity so anyone who is offended by such, you have been warned.

The video takes a shot at the new iPhone 4 and what we have come to know as the iPhone 4 Gizmodo Scandal whereby the guys at Gizmodo purchased a lost/stolen iPhone 4 prototype.

Anyway the best way to find out what goes on in the video is to simply head on down, mash the play button and view it, as Glee’s Jane Lynch does a much better job…enjoy.

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