New iPhone 4 Glass Not As Tough As You Think

Apple has boasted a bit about the new glass on the iPhone 4 which is apparently 30 times stronger than plastic and thus is ultra-durable and more scratch resistant, but just how tough is this new iPhone 4 glass?

Well it appears the guys over at ifixyouri thought they’d do a little experimenting with a full iPhone 4 without circuit board in their possession, just how they got hold of it they don’t say; however as they do have the iPhone 4 and believe that the only way to test a glass handset is to drop it flat onto the ground that’s what they did.

They say shock and sudden impact is what causes 95 percent of glass shattering and so dropped the iPhone 4 from 3.5 feet and the result is what you see in the image. They did state that the iPhone 4 did survive two drops before shattering on the third drop.

So just how tough is the glass on an iPhone 4? Well if you purchase one I don’t recommend you dropping it a couple of times from and height as obviously it’s not as tough as you might think.


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