T-Mobile Father’s Day Special, All Phones Free?

Well, well, it looks like old T-Mobile is certainly getting in the spirit of the day dads are supposed to be appreciated, as it appears that T-Mobile is running a Father’s Day special promotion.

According to Marc Flores over at Intomobile, apparently T-Mobile will offer every phone for free on Father’s Day, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet. The news originates from Tmonews, who somehow managed to get their mitts on a couple of scripts for a T-Mobile commercial.

The T-Mobile commercial is due to run on the 19th of June, and according to the scripts, a voice-over says “Starting early 8 a.m. this Saturday, T-Mobile is putting families first with another first. We’re making every single phone in store free.”

Which just about sums it up nicely, and if said scripts are taken as fact then we can look forward to this Father’s Day promo happening, although as it hasn’t been officially confirmed by T-Mobile we’re not too sure if there are any catches attached, but no doubt any free T-Mobile mobile phone will be on the basis of signing up for a two year agreement or more.

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