HTC EVO 4G Glass Issues Surfacing

It appears that the first smartphone capable of using a 4G network, the HTC EVO 4G is seeing some glass issues arise in as much as the glass seems to be lifting away from the main body at the lower end of the device.

According to an article by Marc Flores over at Intomobile, checking the Android and HTC Community reveals that this problem with the HTC EVO 4G isn’t just a few isolated cases but is becoming more widespread, and it appears that it could be something to do with the glue failing.

Obviously the last thing a user wants is for the glass to pop up at placed on their device and allow dust and moisture to enter, so make sure you have a good check of your HTC EVO 4G if you haven’t already done so.

So far there hasn’t been any official response on this problem from HTC, and other than a recall of the device I can’t see what fix there could be, unless you have a handy roll of sellotape to hand; more on this as and when we hear.

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