HTC Droid Incredible Sense UI Bug Found

Although the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone has been described as, well, incredible, it doesn’t mean that the device is immune to bugs, and apparently one fairy serious bug has now been found in the HTC Droid Incredible Sense UI.

According to a Kat Hannaford article over on Gizmodo, by way of a posting by the BGR, the bug which appears to be locked into the Sense UI snaps screenshots of the browser’s content and continues to store them after a factory reset of the device.

Temporary screen grabs are understandable but apparently the JPEG files are proving difficult to get rid of, which could well lead to a security problem as if someone got hold of your HTC Droid Incredible it would be possible to bring up your history and check things out especially if you have recently browsed your bank account and such.

According to the BGR article the files are saved to a folder carrying the name “.bookmark_thumb1” and is found in the emmc folder of the devices internal memory. They apparently tested this issue on more than one HTC Droid Incredible and managed to replicate it issue several times.

It isn’t quite clear if this issue is just confined to the HTC Droid Incredible or if it applied to other Android handsets packing the Sense UI, therefore as and when we hear more on this issue we will update you.

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