iOS 4 Issues Reported, Do You Have Any?

Well as much as the iPhone faithful would like it, the roll out of Apple’s new iPhone operating system, iOS 4 didn’t go as smoothly as expected with many receiving error messages when they tired to download from iTunes.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, by Michael Bettiol, they have been seeing several bug complaints to do with iOS 4 come in varying from trivial to quite serious.

They say quite a few of the iOS 4 bugs problems have been remedied however there are still some that apparently have no workaround and have listed the most “pervasive complaints” as…

MMS fails to work, Push notifications fail as well, the update deletes all contacts and backups don’t restore them, Photos synced with iPhoto extremely blurry, Gmail ActiveSync fails, Auto-lock is set to 1 minute while option to change is greyed out, and last but not least the update fails and the device endlessly reboots.

So how did iOS 4 update go for our readers? Did it go fine or have you also experienced these issues or perhaps a different issue, feel free to voice your opinion in our comments area below.


33 thoughts on “iOS 4 Issues Reported, Do You Have Any?”

  1. Well I upgraded from 3.1.3 to 4.0 last night. All seemed to be well except for the fact that the phone stopped transmitting data on AT&T's network worked fine for voice and WIFI.

    After 4 hours of being raked over the coals I am down to trying to restore the camera roll.

  2. Alex says:

    Nightmare – I just plugged my 16GB 3G in (not unlocked, jailbroked or tampered with in any way), I downloaded the new version of itunes and it set about backing up the phone and preparing it for installation then I get an ERROR 21 message saying installation could not be completed. Now I try to restore it it gives me the same message! My phone is now dead (just shows connect to itunes logo) and I don't know what to do!!!

    1. RB17 says:

      that happened to me aswell!!
      No way of fixing it so I sent it back to apple & they sent me a new one back which was already updated with iOS4.
      Everything seemed to be fine but when I went to play music, most of the songs are skipping.
      Basically, Apple shouldn't be so popular when all they do is provide unreliable products.

  3. Nathan says:

    Before I donwloaded the iOS 4 on my iPod touch, my music was playing absolutely perfectly. Now, after downloading the operating system, certain albums skip songs! On iTunes, the music plays fine, and when I sync, the music still skips on the iPod!

  4. barkley says:

    I had all the same problems take me 3.5 hours to install from 6.15pm to 9.45pm I had to reset e-mails and all settings on iphone push stopped working and problems with sync to my imac and had to install itunes
    I have now fix all the problems about 4.5 hrs

  5. ghawk says:

    Syncing calendars and contacts is not syncing.
    Some issues as posted. Upgrade took 30 minutes total on 11 month old 3GS, which I back up at least every other day. I just powered off & on and restarted computer. Syncing is still NOT.

  6. iDropBombs says:

    Everything runs smoother, faster, and cleaner, but I can't browse the web or load data over AT&T signal (no safari, no itunes, no app store on the go). I can send text and make calls but for some reason no data loading- which i rely on a lot

  7. Adam Miller says:

    I had a 3.1.3 Jailbroken (new bootrom) iPhone that I upgraded last night. This morning I noticed I had no internet connection even with 3G showing. Found a fix by going to unlockit.co.nz and making a new profile for US-ATT. But now I realized that I don't have MMS. I don't have an option to turn it on or off in settings either. Probably going to restore it when I get home to a fresh restore as I've read that fixed everything.

  8. Marc says:

    For me downloading took a lot of time (10 times the download was broken off before the end). Installation on a 3GS without problems. Put all my apps in folders, perfect. Some updates of Apps to IOS4 versions were OK, but during one of those updates all folders disappeared and all apps were sorted alphabetically. No MMS issues, internet works fine, photos are not grainy, music plays as always, and the folder disappearing act has not repeated itself until now.

  9. Aeriam says:

    During video playback it often generates a massive slowdown, lags and eventually crashes. This also occurred while browsing safari. Only 2 tabs open. Pressing the home buttons fails to work during the slowdown nor does the power button. Sound or music playing loops and lags. No extra apps where running in background. Running a 3GS and updated from ios4 beta 3. Updated fine and in 4 min 39 seconds. All data lost and backup failed to load.

  10. Topic says:

    Ever since I loaded ios4 I cannot mms. I have had the run around from so many people and it wasn’t until o2 let something slip ( ie a memo sent to them read out to me by Ross Taylor from o2 ) that I realized there was something quite wrong. After checking on yahoo etc reading about lots of issues and what to do I can only recommend 1 thing.

    Clean restore.

    Worked for me it just causes a lot of time wasted hours getting every thing back but hey if it works it works.

    Good luck to all out their just don’t bang your heads for to long help yourselves it’s the only way.

  11. DocAngel says:

    some of my contacts went missing…it reduced the resolution of previously synched photos.. annoyingly asking too much to switch on my cellular data network…and just now, safari keeps crashing…arrrrgggh….

    otherwise, the folders function was quite cool…

  12. Jb7 says:

    All sorts of problems, including fail to connect to any wifi, no mms, random hangs and certain apps just crash and fail on startup. Well done apple, another buggy and clearly untested bit of software. What is it, are they lacking decent engineers or just couldn’t care less?

  13. Jaymz says:

    Bluetooth headset is now REALLY quiet. It has no volume control on the headset and the iphone is turned right up but i can barely hear a conversation.
    It worked fine on 3.1.3
    Plantronics 520/ iphone 3gs

  14. cral says:

    pretty much the same as everyone else…phone was working fine and then BAM it turns it self of and decided that it was a new phone…apple told me that it is a bug and even tho they know its there they will continue to sell the phones…told me that its not there fault and to speak to my network provider.
    i lost all my pics of my new born and basicaly t5he apple opperator told me it was my fault and i should have at LEAST backed up my phone once a day….what a joke i wish i never bothered updating

  15. Gezo says:

    Slows down alot. This is most likely because of second gen ipods having only half as much RAM as 3rd gen, but still very inconvenient. The iPod itself also runs much slower now, wish I just had 3.1.3 again, so my apps dont crash evey minute.

  16. iOS 4 Not Ready says:

    After iOS 4 was installed, the Nike+ app ran really slow and the sensor would not connect. I restored version 3.1.3 and the Nike+ app works fine. I use this app for logging my runs, so I will stay on 3.1.3 until Apple provides a fix.

  17. t2t says:

    I just updated my ipod touch ans during the restore process it told me it could not complete the update now i'v elost all my music, videos and pictures.

  18. ronnie wood says:

    Loaded ok but lost all contacts but reloaded from Macbook on new sync. Business Card Reader App won't load scanned info and just shuts down – a real pest as like using it.

    Phone now seems to run very hot when using TomTom GPS and eats power.

  19. Upset 3g GUY says:

    3g -functioning EXTREMELY slow- non responsive. Locks up and is worst update. No issues prior to updating. Erase seems like it hogging up memory and trying to load .
    Any Ideas?

  20. andy says:

    tried to update and gor the error 21 needs restoring but wont let me restore can't do anything with it cheers apple my iphone 3g was working fine before i did the update

  21. dasilva_uk says:

    Updated my 3rd Gen 32GB iPod Touch on Monday night – Mondday night no probs, all Tuesday no probs but after downloading 2 songs and 1 podcast Tuesday night today (Wednesday) both music and video player keeps crashing out.

    Can't actually use the darned thing AS an iPod! Turning off and on didn't work, clearing the Apps bar didn't work, resetting the device didn't work. Got to go a whole day music-less now until I get home and try and sort it. 🙁

  22. stevejobssucks says:

    I used to call my phone the greatest piece of technology I have ever owned. After updating the ipod app crashes and it took away a gig of storage. Restore has not helped, great job Steve, you suck.

  23. DougO says:

    I have the same slowness problem on my 3G after installing iOS 4.0. I have tried all the tricks to no avail. My main issues are MMS (long delay at start-up); camera (delays and failure to store data); third party apps broken; can’t seem to reboot individual apps; and long delays in typing and tapping. Also, lost all my contacts during the 4.0 install. Apple, are you listening? You should at leas let us go back to OS 3.1.3.

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