iPhone 4 Without Pre-order Not Available from AT&T Until 29th

If you were one of the unfortunate ones who for whatever reason couldn’t or didn’t pre-order the iPhone 4 from AT&T and think you will turn up at an AT&T store on the 24th and hopefully snap up the device then sorry but it appears you are right out of luck.

According to a Chris Ziegler article over on Engadget, any extra stock of the new Apple iPhone 4 will not be arriving in Big Blue stores until the 29th of June, which means if you didn’t pre-order the handset you aren’t going to get one.

Furthermore, when extra iPhone 4 stock does land AT*&T will sell the device on the basis of first come first serves both in store and online, so if you haven’t pre-ordered your iPhone 4 then come the 29th you’d better be first in line.

Of course this is purely an AT&T announcement so it is still possible that if you walk into an Apple or Best Buy store there’s a chance you just might manage to grab yourself Apple’s latest technological marvel, but as for queuing outside an AT&T store tomorrow you can forget it as there is really no point.

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