iPhone 4 Shot With 50 Cal Round: Video

Yes well, time to get the tissues out again all you iPhone faithful. It appears that the iconic iPhone seems to be the target of the crazy when it comes to torture as today we have an iPhone 4 torture video with a difference, this time the iPhone 4 tries to stop a 50 calibre bullet.

The video which can be viewed below does contain some bad language so if offended in any way please just skip past this post. That said the video comes our way courtesy of the Daily iPhone Blog by way of Pestaola, and don’t try this at home folks.

The video lasts two and three-quarter minutes and shows a brand new iPhone 4 being targeted somewhere in a desert type terrain by a Barrett M82A1 semiautomatic rifle, and well when you see the size of a 50 calibre bullet you’ll know why the iPhone 4 didn’t come out on top in this video.

Anyway I’ll leave you now with your tissues to mop up your tears or woe if you are an iPhone fan, or tears of laughter if you are a fan of another smartphone…enjoy.

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