iPhone 4 Heading to India Soon-ish

With most things Apple, India always seems to have to wait a while to get the latest device, and this stays true when it comes to the latest piece of tech to drop from the Apple tree, the new iPhone 4, which should be hitting India soon.

However, soon probably means a couple of months away at least, as according to an article over on Techgadgetsweb, the new iPhone 4 will be released in India sometime in September this year and will be offered by Vodafone and Airtel who are the official iPhone 4 carriers for India.

So what can the Indian people expect to have to fork out for the Indian version of the iPhone 4? Well word has it the 16GB iPhone 4 will command a price tag of about Rs. 35,000. While the 32GB iPhone 4 will set you back some Rs. 40,000.

However the above pricing is the expected iPhone 4 India pricing although Apple has not thus far announced any official pricing for the iPhone 4 in India.


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  1. angel says:

    thats great news.. but will the micro sim feature work in india ? by when in india providers are planning to launch micro sims? if we buy an iphone here in US and go to india later , when can we use iphone 4 in india? any updates on that?

    1. Biggiesmalls says:

      The micro SIM is essentially the same SIM you get in all other GSM phones, just cut up to size inside the iPhone 4's SIM tray. If and when Vodafone and Airtel launch the iPhone 4 in India, they'll probably have a program in which they'll migrate your current SIM to a new Micso SIM shipped along with the phone. Or, you could open up a new account or connection with the operators right then and there, in store. You could use the iPhone from The U.S. right now, bring it over, but expect AT&T to plug you sideways with international roaming expenses. Only AT&T SIMs will work inside of it as it'll be locked to their network and also you'll be paying a two year $70 minimum contract, which if you choose not to pay, will result in Apple giving you bad credit history, NOT the best thing to do if you ever want to go back to The U.S. You could use a trimmed up SIM from Vodafone or Airtel or any other operator you fancy, by jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone. Although, the jailbreak for the iPhone 4 has NOT been released to the public as of now, its more than likely that we'll see it within a few weeks. Also you won't get warranty on a U.S. purchased iPhone, in India.

  2. iPhone 4 may just reach India in time in September and it looks like the iPhone 4 for India will come via Vodafone or Airtel. which carrier will bring iPhone 4 in India doesn't matter that matter is it is coming that is really great news for iPhone lover

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