iPhone 4 Antenna Reception Problem Solution

While Apple drags their heels over the big debate on the reception problem with the iPhone 4, and advising such things as hold the device differently, or purchase one of their bumper cases, others are looking at a solution to the problem.

We have one such iPhone 4 antenna issue solution for your consideration today courtesy of Adam Frucci, over on Gizmodo, and that solutions is what is being called “A Wrap for That”

Basically “A Wrap for That” is a premium grade vinyl sticker which has been cut to fit the contour of the iPhone 4 and thus provides a shield from the “Death Grip” whilst still giving access to such things as chargers and docks, so the manufacturer advertises.

The thing is if this solution works it costs less than Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper Case which will set you back $29 while the “A Wrap for That” costs only $10 and comes in transparent or a range of colours.

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