iPhone 4 Drop Solution: Video

We’re seen a couple of iPhone 4 units being dropped and the glass shattering and one report even says the iPhone 4 glass shatters when dropped from just 12 inches, so how can you protect your beloved Apple device from drops?

Well if you check out the video we have for you today courtesy of Marin over on Intomobile, you’ll see a drop solution simply by using a spot of clay on each corner of your iPhone 4, although I do have to say it does look somewhat unsightly.

However, perhaps thinking on it, this could be a solution not only for drops but for the antenna reception problem as well, all one would need to do is expand that clay over the gap in the antenna and flesh wouldn’t come into contact would it, just an idea.

Anyway if you don’t really want to hand Apple cash for an iPhone 4 Bumper you can grab the full info on this solution but hitting up Instructables, but before you do, check out the video below…enjoy.

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