Blackberry Storm 3 Release Date, LTE connectivity, 1GHz processor

The BlackBerry Storm 3 is being talked about a lot lately and it seems everyone wants to know more about its release date.

Well according to BBLeaks they report via a financial research company that the BB Storm 3 will release sometime August 2010, they mention a little bit about the Synaptics’ ClearPad touchscreen technology that will be used on the new smartphone.

They did however say that the relationship between RIM and Synaptics is behind tightly closed lips at the moment.

There are a few rumours, which we mentioned a few days ago about the BlackBerry Storm 3 featuring LTE connectivity and a 1GHz processor according to Top 10; it will also come with 1GB of RAM. If this is all true then we are going to see great speeds and of course stunning multitasking and app handling.

Now if this handset releases in August can it compete with the likes of the newly released Apple iPhone 4? We will bring you more information about this device as soon as we hear anything. Keep coming back as we will follow the progress.


8 thoughts on “Blackberry Storm 3 Release Date, LTE connectivity, 1GHz processor”

  1. mark says:

    well if it works as well as the storm 2 then dont bother! i dont mean to be sound negatie but i own a storm 2 i must say it terrible! its been bak too be repair twie and i wont be supprise if it has to be repaired a third time! im sorry to say but i wont be haing a blakberry again! 🙁

  2. gino says:

    storm 2 was horrible i wen't through 3 of them. if you drop it at all no matter how little of a fall the screen breaks. not to mention the touchscreen was a joke. i hated typing on it. im hoping they did some seriousssssss fixes to this.

  3. jeff says:

    I own a storm 2 and have dropped on concrete on few occasions and its working just fine. I find typing on the portrait setting to be great due to big hands. I have tried typing on the iphone and had same problems in landscape and even worse time of it in portrait. The draw back with storm 2 is the dated os and lack of webkit browsing. All in all the storm 2 handles everything iphone does with that said storm 3 with better os and browsing will put it right there with the iphone and droids. Specs given on the storm 3 seems like it will be a hot phone can't wait to get one.

  4. Nathan says:

    I've dropped my storm 2 more times than i can count at this point…no broken screen and no issues with the phone. I'd actually say the storm 2 is the best device I've ever had. I tried switching to a Droid at one time, but I twitchy and had to return to my storm 2. I'm very excited about the idea of getting a storm 3. I can't wait.

  5. i have had a storm 2 since a week after it released and still have the same exact phone. i have dropped the phone hundreds of times and it works as good as new still no screen issues and no breaks at all. i guess with all phones the durability is different for each individual phone. as for the keyboard, i think it is much better than the iphone by far. i use my friends iphone from time to time and constantly have to delete wrong presses. the only drawback i feel of the storm 2 is the ram an processor strength which i see they are greatly increasing to rival the big boys. personally i cant wait for the storm 3 to come out

  6. Rob says:

    I can't wait for the Storm 3. I have the Storm 1 and love it. The virtual keyboad is superb to the iphone by far. It is my mobil office. I can do everything as if I was at home in my office. i can't wait. Speed is always better.

  7. Awesomwgage says:

    O..M..G.. I wanna get the bb storm 3 sooooooooooo much cus it will be my first phone and bb are so cool wich would you recomend , bb storm 1 or 2 or 3 YAYYY

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