iPhone Apps: The Twilight Saga Movie Game

Love the Twilight Saga and iPhone Apps? Then might we suggest the cool Eclipse movie game for your Apple smartphone.

The new Twilight movie is the movie of the year and many fans will be amazed, if you’re a true fan you will love ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Game’ where you can choose your favorite character from 21 popular choices who include Edward, Jacob, Bella and Alice. You can either play on your own or even against your friends.

Main Features Include: Jigsaw puzzles, Playable avatars, Perfect Pairs mini-game questions, High-score rankings and trophies for the best players and Hundreds of challenging trivia questions perfectly timed for everyone who likes the Twilight Saga movie series.

There are two modes that include Survival mode or play with up to four contestants using pass and play, have you got the knowledge? Have you got the Twilight Saga experience?

For more information please visit iTunes, if you already have this app installed on your iPhone please let us know what you think of it in the comments area provided below. You may also like Twilight Saga: Memory Quest

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