4th of July by James Patterson iPhone, iPad App Update

The 4th of July by James Patterson iPhone, iPad book has recently had an update that you may me interested to know about.

Before we let you know what the new features are within the update let us remind you about the 4th of July book by James Patterson, this is a book that basically tells you a story about a young girl who is killed after a routine arrest, this goes wrong and the girl is killed in the crossfire.

We will not give too much away as it will spoil the book, new features include: Each title includes cover art, front matter, running heads and page numbers, Table of Contents incorporates one click navigation, Natural book-like reading experience with full pagination, like the original printed editions, Adjust font size with a pinch, text reflows automatically, Brightness adjustment with paper-like backgrounds.

Other cool features within this app includes: Vertical and horizontal page orientation, Search the text within a book, Create margin notes with user notation, Swipe to turn the page and Integrates with iTunes bookstore.

The new update Version 3.0.1, which should now be available in your App Store includes: More intuitive user interface, Improved search functionality, Enhancements to notes feature, Ability to share notes and excerpts through Facebook and email and Improved compatibility with iPad.

For more information on the 4th of July by James Patterson iPhone, iPad App please visit iTunes, if you already have this app please do send us your reviews.

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