HTC Droid Incredible Suffering Bluetooth Problems

It appears that there is a small subset of HTC Droid Incredible users who are finding that the HTC Droid Incredible was shipped with an incomplete Bluetooth stack, meaning the Droid Incredible suffers issues when trying to use the device with Bluetooth equipped keyboards, vehicles, and other accessories.

According to an article by Casey Chan over on Gizmodo, a Droid Incredible user posted over on HTC Forums, that HTC didn’t load the full version of Bluetooth that a person would receive with Android 2.1.

The user goes n to say that the things which probable won’t work are HID Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, Wii remote, and SPP because the HTC Droid Incredible doesn’t have the latest Android version installed.

For a device in such big demand as the HTC Droid Incredible it does seem somewhat strange that HTC would deliver the device with a “handcuffed Bluetooth stack,” and apparently the same problem is also on the HTC Desire so it could well be a Sense UI problem; however hopefully HTC will rectify this Bluetooth issue with an update in the near future.


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  1. PSH says:

    I returned be Incredible for two reasons 1). it will not voice dial with a hands free bluetooth headset but after searching on line this may be an issue with all droid phones running Android 2.1. I am a amazed there is so little mention of this in any reviews. Issue 2). very poor battery performance. For me its about 4-5 hours maybe an hour of email, 45 minutes of talk and 30 minutes of GPS.

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