HTC Gold First Windows Phone 7 and UK Launch Date

The word hitting the net waves is that the first Windows Phone 7 to be launched by HTC will be the HTC Gold smartphone, and along with that news there is also leaked info on the UK launch date for the device.

According to Ben Sillis of Electric Pig, phone website Omio got hold of an HTC roadmap to do with launches in the United Kingdom for the rest of 2010 and confirms that the Windows Phone 7 packing HTC Gold will launch in the UK sometime in November.

Unfortunately and expected there is no word on any specs for the HTC Gold as they are being kept under tight wraps for the time being. However as Microsoft has announced a minimum spec list for WP7 we can assume the HTC Gold will sport a WVGA capacitive touch screen and a minimum of a 1GHz processor.

Other HTC phones mentioned in the roadmap are the HTC Ace which has a launch date of October alongside the QWERTY toting Desire, the HTC Vision.