iPhone 4 Software Update Won’t Fix Antenna Problem Confirms AppleCare

Yes folks that all important iPhone 4 software fix for the antenna problem which Apple said would solve the issue actually won’t fix the problem, which is something most of us knew in the first place, which is the reason I asked the question (here).

According to an article by Jesus Diaz over on Gizmodo, they called AppleCare 3 times letting them know they were having the iPhone 4 problem and AppleCare replied the same in all 3 calls basically giving the option of holding the iPhone differently or purchasing an Apple Bumper case for $30.

There was also one more piece of information AppleCare gave about the iPhone 4 antenna problem which was…” The incoming software update will not fix this antenna problem, only change the way the phone displays the available signal, make it more accurate.”

So there it is, the iPhone 4 software update WILL NOT fix the antenna problem, so isn’t it about time Apple gave free bumper cases to all iPhone 4 users? If you agree, Gizmodo is running a petition to get Apple to give free cases to solve the issue and you can sign said petition by hitting here.

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