Google App Inventor Enables Anyone to Create Android Apps

Most say success in the smartphone business relies on mobile applications and it appears that Google has taken notice of that saying and has launched Android App Inventor which apparently promises to “democratise app development” by enabling anyone to create an application.

According to an article by Jennifer Allan over on Electric Pig, asks the question “In the long term will it cause problems for Android’s app proposition?” Testing began a year ago and now it’s currently in beta and enables non developers to build apps using several building blocks via a simple user interface that features “blocks to store info” work with Twitter and GPS, and perform actions under certain conditions.

Apparently with Android App Inventor anyone can now build an application and sell it which could push the Android Market into a”heavily diluted, low quality state.” Although it could well go the other way and broaden Android offerings with really innovative apps.

So just so you can see how simple using Android App Inventor is we have a video demo for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below. Hit it up, check it out and let us know if you are thinking of having a go at creating your own mobile application.


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  1. Still waiting for an invite. First impressions are positive from the discussions I have read but there are two major limitations at the moment. The first one is that apps are limited to a single screen – no subactivities. The second is that the finished apps have very large file sizes which means, bearing in mind apps can't be installed on SD cards, the phones are going to run out of space quickly if several of these apps are installed.

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